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IRS Rules online affect US Citizens. This is how. (c) 2011.Compiled and written by RMFees. USA.

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The purpose of this blog, primarily, is to explain this PayPal Button for individuals, and you will find the information, just below, these sentences.   Additionally, as an IRS representative had explained these things to me, about how to report income, if you make money online, then the rest of the purpose of this blog, is to make reference, to how to classify earnings or money you may receive, for taxable purposes in the USA, as per, tax law.  All this information follows, here.  I hope you find this informative.

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Asking Money from Domestic Sources” is the's way of stating how the askance must be worded, since donations under the USA law, cannot be given to individuals. Paypal, on the other hand, does not have another word, called: “Asking Money from Domestic Sources”. So, it has been stated herein, by my authorship, as the, requires it said, by Individuals.

Additionally, all "tokens" or "money payments" to this paypal, are not deductible for U.S. FEDERAL INCOME TAXES PURPOSES, according to an representative, and also, according to U.S. IRS Law under Exemptions, stating, SAFE HARBOR Clauses, and TOKEN Exemptions Clauses, which you can find, at this link for
When PayPal says “...donate to...” then their wording is beyond my control, so my control of the wording, the way the requires it said, is in my own PayPal button, I made, shown, below.

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The above information, is included in my own blogroll on which anyone can get a free blogroll.  But Domain names can use PayPal buttons, in the way my authorship does, seeking free money gifts from domestic sources, and including this information, as shown, above, for the potential giver.  It is a question that some people are asking, both those which want to use paypal, and those which want to give to someone at .  This was included to give an example of how it is set up in this legitimate blog, at The domain blog is located at:
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Other Rules, as per the IRS or US Government, or other online internet law, may apply.

What This is:  Non-Business...
Individual, Statement of Actions, about online methods to "Raise Money from Domestic USA, sources", and local sources, to assist my person's self to afford medical care not available through my form of disability insurance, and to put cancer in remission.  In addition to raise money for myself, by these means, shown, and any other legal means, to increase my living situation, to more sustainable and continuing levels.

Purpose:  Acquire Money Income from Domestic, 
USA sources, to assist my person to afford medical 
care, not covered by my current Disability Insurance Programs.  Acquire Money Income to assist my person, to enhance life to more sustainable personal development. 

Tax Structures, USA.

(, classifies as non business, personal items for salesin open air sales, classified ads, or Auctions, as "not earned income").  Not Charitable causes.   Did you know, that under certain conditions, "Tips Jars" are classified as "Earned Income"?   "Money Asked from Domestic Sources" is considered to fall under the's website rules, for "Safe Harbor" clauses, and for "Token Exemptions" which are words which need to be in the "askance for money" clauses, or nearby, and indicate that any "money given" or "donations" are not to be issuing tax-deductions as a result of giving.    Read the Rules formed on the website, at "Safe-Harbor Clause and Token Exemption".
Did you know that an article recently, online, suggests that the US Government, is considering paying persons to spy on its own citizens, to see if they are obeying the law, online, and to see if its citizens are doing anything illegal online.  So theoretically, spying for the US Government may make some people some money.  (This author does not perceive that billions paid to spys is actually what the government had in mind).   However, have you ever noticed that the words "The IRS" always spells "THEIRS"?

(5a) Online Sales of personal items.

If the objects to be sold are personal items, and the money obtained by selling such items, is not being used to buy more items, for later reselling them, in like manner, on a continuous basis, like a retail "used" outlet, then the items are considered a "personal sales of goods which have no monetary retail value".
However, items such as houses, investment property, cars and trucks and motor cycles, are always to be
considered as "declarable and taxable property", unless they are so old and not considered a collectable worth cash, that the blue book no longer retains a cash value.  Still you should check up on your tax liability by talking with your local in-city IRS agent, or by calling the IRS HOTLINE about individual questions, not business issues.

5b By Classifieds online sales.
If the items are personal items, the answer is "5A".  If the items are real property such as trucks and cars and houses, or things with a known cash real, retail or used, value, then there is a tax liability, probably. Talk to your in-city IRS agent, or call the IRS hotline for individuals.   This information is based on personal experience, and does not reflect laws by any country nor changing laws and opinion by the  Contact the online or through your nearest city, to speak with one of their representatives, for the actual information.

5(c) Online sales of your crafts, as yourself as a non-business, in which the business which sells your items, is the retail, and you set your own markup, commission, or the like, and in which you are not their employee by wage earnings and the federal withholding requirements,
are called "Miscellaneous Other Income" (earned), for IRS tax purposes,
as I was understanding from having discussed this with an agent of the 
IRS.  Contact the online or through your nearest city, to speak with one of their representatives, for the actual information.

(1) Receiving Money Gifts from USA, only
The answer is normally the same as "5A", and in which "money gifts" that is, asking for gifts of money freely given, from domestic sources, is considered a "gift" and not tax liable, and in the case of "safe-harbor clauses" or "Token Exemption clauses", not eligible for issuing tax deductions to patrons, giving.
Contact the online or through your nearest city, to speak with one of their representatives, for the actual information.

You can use this information to make yourself some extra money, in the 2012 times, ahead.   (, classifies "asking form Money Gifts from Domestic, USA sources" as not Earned income and Not Business income.  It is "a Gift").  The Pay Pal DONATE button, is the current buttons made available, for bloggers and others, to request
Money Gifts.  (The, states that you cannot make donations, to individuals, only to organizations(Which is an IRS rule, in relationship to a taxation classification, not any other reason).  Organizations can give you tax deductions(as the tax classification of INC.,(incorporation, not for profit).  Individuals cannot give you Tax deductions(because individuals cannot be an organization, unless the individual, is either incorporated as: INC - For Profit, in whcih case this is business, and not receiving donations; or, INC - Not For Profit, that is, not a business, nor an individual, and is classified as an Organization, like a charitable cause, or a Religion), because you cannot donate to non incorporated not for profits, which are either businesses or individuals, under US IRS Tax Law). Therefore, the concept, is purely for tax reasons as an IRS Tax Rule, to define whether your activity, for tax purposes, is charitable or not, business or not. Therefore, the states, that any blogger, or other person(s) "asking for Money Gifts, from Domestic USA, only sources", is neither earned income(wages), nor, donations to an organization for tax deduction reasons(therefore not receiving a tax deduction as a result, because it is not a donation).  

Bloggers using Pay Pal DONATE button, may Qualify the Statement
outside the Pay Pal Button, by stating:  "Requesting Money Gifts, from Domestic, USA, sources".  Even though the Pay Pal DONATE Button is used, this is not a donation.  Instead, because of the Qualifier Statement, the Blogger is asking for an Outright Gift, given by the Giver, without receiving any tax deduction.  This is the information under the US TAX IRS.GOV LAW.   Contact the online or through your nearest city, to speak with one of their representatives, for the actual information.

For your convenience, Telephone Numbers are shown here, as a public convenience, concerning this information, for your use, as necessary (and so that you may confirm the validity of these statements, if you have a question).  - Business Tax Help   1 - 800 - 829 - 4933  - Individual Tax Help  1 - 800 - 829 - 1040  - TeleTaxRecorded Tax Information: 1 - 800 - 829 - 4477  - TTY/TDD:_____________________1 - 800 - 829 - 4059 

(2)  ** Online Affiliate Associate Miscellaneous Wages
( classifies Affiliate Associate Marketting as:  "Miscellaneous Wages" - if US Form 1099 is used by the Business, which pays the Individual. Otherwise, the person who is receiving commissions for directing traffic to a business website, is considered, potentially, an independent contractor).  This kind of income is classified on US IRS TAX Forms as either:  (a) Miscellaneous Wages (because the business paying commissions uses US IRS FORM 1099, in relationship to the person receiving the commissions,  or, (b) Miscellaneous Income, because the persons receiving commissions is an Independent Contractor, and US IRS Form 1099, is not used by the business, paying the commissions to the individual.  
Also, you get an idea, this will bring alot of money.  Yet you must consider that if the average item costs $7.98 USD, and the Marketteer, such as Amazon, gives you 10% on the Retail price, before taxes, then you have made $0.79 USD on the sale.  You basically have to get persons to buy $7,998.00 USD worth, or 1,000 items at$7.98 USD each, before you, getting 10% on the Retail, will be getting $799, in a one month period.  The company will mostly not send you money owed you, until your earnings yield at least $20 USD or $50 USD.
So, you can see that your earnings, must be minimally, producing 1000 sales per month, in order to receive $799.00 per month, in this example.  If this kind of money making appeals to you, you should potentially read much information, about marketting, these items, to increase your sales capability as an affiliate marketting, associate.  
Affiliates may be found at the following areas, online, for those choosing to make money,
legitimately, as an affiliate associate of any of these companies.
and others

(3)  - (a) **Online Sales of Art,  (all linked) 
Paintings (Digital & Hand-Painted), Photographs, Videos, Movies,  MP3s or Personal Videos online 
Three different online sales places are:

(4) - Potentially by Vlogging, on youtube, (nothing linked at this time) - (US Tax Law, classifies this media when non business, as  "Miscellaneous Other Income")
Items which are classified by the US Tax Law, as 
Misc. Wages, or, Misc. Income, or Misc. Other Income, 
are taxable income, under the law.   Items, which are classified as: 
Money Gifts, received by an individual, are not classified as taxable income,  nor as donations.  Such gifts are not considered "earned income",  nor "other income", and are not taxable under US, Tax Law.     It is presented herein, as a convenience to all comers, who may be interested in the legality of these sales, or methods of making money in a non-business  structure, and as an individual, currently on disability.

(Specific information about the US and its Telephone Numbers, is presented herein, as "Public Convenience Service", only).

(5) Making your personal online FREE Website, is potentially, another way to generate income by Donations, PayPal Approach, or by sales and information, is by creating your own website, for Free.  Contact 
(get a free website, right away)

Here is an example, of how I used a, to set up a free website, to support my blog roll over at  You may find this informative, about all the things you can do, with a FREE WEEBLY.
- is the domain blog of my own, at Wordpress. is how I made the translations possible for 25 different languages in the world, using the google translator, and linking the information, into the weebly website system.
The weebly allowed me to add a contact form, and more. 
Quick instructions, herein, the short version: 
1. Login to your own Email Address.
2. Go to
3a. Follow the Instructions.
3b. Under the Word Email it states PASSWORD.  Do not
put your Email Password here.  Create a NEW PASSWORD, for your weebly website account, that you are going to use to make websites.  Next time, you want to get into your weebly site, to make another website, or edit the existing one, Go to your email address, and login there, first.  Then Go to the website, and enter your email address, then the password you have chosen 
for your account
(not your email address' password).
(4a). After finishing your first web page, and pressing PUBLISH, a box opens stating that "" is available, and CONTINUE.  If you press the CONTINUE BUTTON, you will be directed to buy a platform, for $64.xx, therefore, instead of clicking on CONTINUE, press "black circle X" in the upper right corner of the pop-up, with the CONTINUE button.  (4b) Then you
see, the webpage you just editted with the PUBLISH button.  You will be thinking, how can I get out of this,
without pressing the Continue Button, "box"?  So, now, you are at the WebPage you just made, and the PUBLISH button is in the upper right corner, again.  So, more further in the upper right corner, is a "red circle X".
It you have already Clicked PUBLISH(then it is published), then you have clicked the black letters "black circle X" to Close, in relationship to the Pop up with the Continue Button.  You are then at the Web Page you just edited, and see the Publish Button again.
Go beyond the Publish Button, to the "red circle with the X" in it, that states  CLOSE and press the X.  The whole thing closes, and you see the page with the name of the site, on it.  Write this down.  Then you see, LOG OUT, in blue or some color ink, so click on it.  You are now out of the its system.  You now have the easiest website and hosting system in the Earth System.


This information is presented here as both a Disclaimer, and as an Update, to be like unto Truth in Clarity of these different objectives for defining the means, and ways of raising personal money, somehow, to assist in affording medical and non medical goods, to assist my health to put cancer in remission, and to upgrade my life and living to a sustainable level of continuing development.  

This author does not warrant that any suggestion or statement about the Space Time Continuum, or about any Global Market Plan, or Small or Large Business idea, or video toward such a suggestion, will, at any time, be 100% accurate nor any qualifying amount of percentages of accuracy.  This author shall not be liable for any statement made in the opinion of this author, nor for any calculation about the World Global Market, even if true, nor about any other statement, online, or, not online made by this Author/Artist/Annimator/Painter/Digital Programmer/Photographer, or other media of which may define my person, based on what is called my pursuits.  

Any information made known herein, about the, SSA, or Washcap, for the USA, or its States, is presented purely as an attempt to clarify the legalities, pursuant to my person, as a citizen of this country, regarding these things, and as a potential answer, to other persons, whose question might be:  "Is this legal??"  or  "What are the legalities in relationship to these possible sales methods, online??"  It therefore, being in consideration, by the author of this personal website, to make this information known, of what this author was able to define, before getting involved 60 days later, to these group of actions for the purposes of raising money in a non-business, and NOT as an organization,nor " not-for-profit", or such other considerations.    

Contact the online or through your nearest city, to speak with one of their representatives, for the complete information about all these matters, and for any new rules, governing USA, IRS Tax Laws. 
(The author of this, is not an employee of the US Government, nor in any manner connected with Wordpress employees, nor IRS employees, nor contracted thereby, in any manner. April 2012.)